Any club that is good enough to help Luke Donald on his way to becoming the current World No.1 should be good enough for any golfer. That is definitely the case with the Mizuno Fli-Hi.

I sat down at the start of the year and took a long look at the instruments at my disposal – surely if you can’t blame the arrows, blame the Indian! That is probably the case but I was of the opinion that I could at least make throwing the arrows a little easier! The golf bag purge began by replacing my 3 and 4-iron with a 21-degree and 24-degree Mizuno Fli-Hi. They are pretty much a mix between an iron and a hybrid/rescue club, the best of both Worlds I hoped at least! I have too much ego to completely get rid of a 3 and 4-iron and replace them with rescue clubs, I don’t want to look like YE Yang with 5 or 6 woods in the bag, so the Fli-Hi’s were a perfect fit.

I really like the look of the Mizuno Fli-Hi behind the ball which adds a bit of confidence on the course. They look so easy to hit and looks are not deceiving here, they are easy to hit and the look of the clubs does inspire confidence before you put your swing in motion! Even off-centre strikes and those low hits on cold mornings don’t leave you needing minor surgery to restore your hands back to normal and, unlike long irons; you do not lose much distance either with the Fli-Hi’s. They really are game improvement clubs and a must for any player looking to get more from their long game. You can practice all you like but if you have not got the correct equipment for starters then you are fighting an uphill battle – put these clubs in your bag and you will not regret your decision.

One thing that can be a little bit of a negative is that is not as good out of the rough as a fairway wood or rescue and they can be a tad difficult to shape from time to time, I suppose hitting the ball dead straight isn’t something most amateurs or even certain professionals generally consider! They can be a little more tricky to hit at a lower trajectory in comparison to irons as well but I suppose they are made to get the ball into the air easier hence the higher ball flight which most players do look for.

All in all, I love the most recent additions to my golfing arsenal. They are easy to hit, you get the most out of poor strikes and you have the added confidence that comes from the great look of the Mizuno Fli-Hi. As I said earlier, if they are good enough for the World No.1 they should be good enough for any golfer – the Mizuno Fli-Hi’s are definitely good enough for me!


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