Add that Something Special to your Golf Event with PGE Golf

Imagine the scenario, you have your first hole-in-one on the toughest par-3 on the course during the Captain’s Drive or a Pro-Am and next thing you know you are on your way to the US Masters with a good golfing friend. Sounds like a dream right? Well, with PGE Golf you can make this dream into a reality!

us masters

PGE Golf’s Championship Event is specially designed for golf clubs and societies. It is run in conjunction with your monthly medals, annual opens or any other special competition. The cost is zero to you, PGE Golf will do all the arranging, we also collect all entry fees via their website. You therefore have to do absolutely nothing, and for doing nothing, PGE Golf give you 20% of all entry fees. Just think, you can earn extra revenue without lifting a finger while also makimg your Golf Event or Tournament that extra bit special.

How would you like to win one of the amazing prizes they have on offer for those good, and lucky, enough to have a hole-in-one? Simply enter one of their amazing Championship Events, score a hole-in-one on any of your par 3’s and you can, just think you could be the owner of one of the following:

  • 6 day trip for 2 people to the 2013 US Masters
  • £1,500 Omega watch of your choice
  • £1,000 Kuoni holiday voucher
  • £750 voucher for your local pro shop


Benefit’s To Your Club/Society

No Need To Arrange Another Competition

It is run in conjunction with any club/society organised competition, annual opens (men/women/mixed, singles/doubles), corporate days, clubs anniversary days (10, 25, 50, 75, 100 years etc), annual barbeque, monthly medals. The choice is endless.

You Get 20% Of All Entry Fees

Every club/society that holds a Championship Event gets 20% of all entry fees. Just think what you could do with the extra revenue. There is No Cost Yes you did see right, there is no cost to hold a Championship Event. PGE Golf will provide all the posters, banners etc free of charge.

Addition Revenue Streams

Hold Championship Events and have your club/society rise above the rest. You could then attract additional members, have more people enter your annual open, get greater participation in your club/society competitions..

No Extra Work For The Committee

PGE Golf will do all the organising for you. There is the real potential to increase your revenue with no increase to the work load of the committee.

Simple Collection Of Entry Fees

All entry fees are collected via the PGE Golf website. There is therefore no need to implement a new method and you have no fiscal responsibility for the entry fees.

Benefit’s To Members Of Clubs/Societies

Your Amateur Status Is Not Affected

As of the 1st January 2012, R&A rule 3-2b was amended. This means that as an amateur golfer you can now win prizes of more than £500 without losing your amateur status.

A Prize For All Par 3’s All par 3’s on your course have a prize

The average course will therefore have 4 amazing prizes for you to win each time you enter.

£2/€2 Entry Fee

That works out at 50p/50c for each attempt at one of our fantastic prizes.

Payment Is Taken In Advance

You’ve no need to remember to bring money and pay on the day, simply click on the Participating Clubs page to access your clubs page and enter there. However, most clubs are taking entries on the day and this can be done by simply visiting the pro-shop.

To get your club involved, simply email or check out pge golf logo


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