– Join Fellow Golf Nuts arrived on the online golf scene recently and has been gaining in popularity ever since. An Irish based gateway for golf only, it is the brainchild of Irish golfers and self-confessed golf nuts hence the name. Their is no lack of passion in the amount of time and energy the GolfNut team have displayed in getting their new website launched, with many improvements being added all the time.

Their mission is, according to those self-confessed Golf Nuts, “to promote golf tourism and golf business development, while also having fun through social media”. The lads are also committed to ensuring to guarantee the website is 100% free for everybody, not an easy objective these days! Golfers, Golf Clubs, Golf Companies and the like can sign up. As a member you can get involed with the online banter, advertise your business or your golf events, gain exposure for your golf society, organise golf tours and, of course, interact with all the members as well. There is also the facility to upload photographs and videos, if these are good enough they might even win you a place at one of this year’s Majors.

GolfNut is a great facility to golf clubs and golf related companies (existing and new) to create that extra little bit of exposure for themselves. It also provides golfers to connect with fellow Golf Nuts along with keeping in the loop of the latest golf news. So whether you are a self-confessed golf nuts, like the website founders, a budding golf nut or are a golf nut working at a golf club or a golf related business then is the place for you.

Hope to see ye there soon!

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Website: Twitter: @golfnut_ie