Charlie McGoldrick Cup 2014 at Enniscrone

The Charlie McGoldrick Cup took place recently at Enniscrone Golf Club on Friday 29th & 30th August. It was an excellent event with over 150 players taking part, which was made all the more enjoyable by the beautiful weather that was present on both days.
2014-08-30 15.08.45
Golfers from every corner of Ireland and beyond travelled to Enniscrone to remember one of the clubs best ambassadors. Charlie would have loved the fact that there was a slight breeze on both days as he would say “The breeze will sort the good from the average” as he would have said! And so it did, scoring was very good on both days with a number of 40pts being returned. The honour of winning the 2014 Charlie McGoldrick Cup fell to Deputy Head Greenkeeper, Ciaran Sweeney,  to take cup, beating Robert Jacob on the back 6 . Now I know who was possible responsible for those pin positions!!
McGoldrick Cup 2014 Ciaran Sweeney (Overall Winner) & Rita McGoldrick
Marie Stone had the best ladies’ score over the two days with 38 pts. The club would like to thank Keith Bardon from Titleist for his sponsorship of the men’s first prize. The full results are as follows :
Overall Winner Ciaran Sweeney (19) 40pts back 6.
1st Robert Jacob (6) 40pts back 9
2nd Noel Dee (6) 40pts
3rd Paul McStay (9) 39pts back 9
4th John Doherty(8) 39pts
5th Brendan Browne (10) 38pts
1st   Marie Stone (20) 38pts back 9
2nd Lena Bourke(30) 38pts
3rd Mary Barrins (25) 37pts back 9
4th Maureen L Dodd (21) 37pts
5th Deirdre Forde (36) 36pts
2014-07-31 14.26.45

It was a truly tremendous two days in the West of Ireland at Enniscrone for the 2014 Charlie McGoldrick Cup and I’m already looking forward to playing in the 2015 tournament! In the meantime I’d highly recommend you getting out West to play Enniscrone GC, check out their website; like their Facebook page and give them a follow on Twitter too!


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