Product Review – SwingTalk by Golfzon

I am a bit of a techie and of course a fanatical golfer so when the chance came up to review a golf swing analyser in the form of SwingTalk by Golfzon it was an opportunity I was delighted to take up. SwingTalk is unique as a golf swing analyser in that it gives you voice feedback rather than you having to check the screen after each and every swing and this was something I looked forward to checking out for myself.

2015-08-25 20.18.33

I found SwingTalk to be a very nifty little golfing gadget that provides feedback for your swing in realtime giving you the opportunity to make small changes while on the range during those long nights toiling to get your game back, of course having a PGA Professional on hand to make the essential changes would definitely help along with this new technology too! It’s a small device that fits on top of the grip of each club so as to not interfere with your actual swing, this was a big plus for me.

Swing Talk Image2

Along with the voice feedback you are also given information on shaft angle throughout the swing while also giving you an indication of the true path of the club head on the backswing and follow-through along with movement of the shaft. You can also compare your swing with the pros (maybe not a good idea for some!!) with great information given on swing tempo, clubhead speed, club path and more. For example, the following swing feedback is available via SwingTalk (some of this information is quite technical but very useful and comprehensive all the same):

2015-08-25 20.20.04

  • Club Speed
  • Tempo
  • Loft Angle (angle titled when club’s shaft is standing vertically on the ground)
  • Lie Angle (angle of shaft and ground when club is paid on the ground)
  • Shaft Lean (angle of shaft in contrast to baseline vertical to the ground)
  • Cocking Rate (time used to maintain cocking of the wrist if time spent on downswing from top of backswing)
  • Face to Address (change is clubface angle during impact using clubface angle during address as a standard)
  • Face to Path (angle made by face using direction of clubhead in impact zone as base line)
  • Club Path (routed advanced by club head in the impact zone)
  • Attack Angle (angle made by direction advanced by clubhead with the ground in the impact zone)
  • Swing Plane (difference between trajectory of backswing and downswing)
  • Plane Angle (Up) – angle on the backswing
  • Plane Angle (Down) – angle on the downswing

2015-08-25 20.19.43

Some of the stats are a bit technical but overall they give you a very good idea of what is and isn’t working in your swing. This sort of information can really make a difference especially when trying to increase clubhead speed and working on a specific swing path. The one thing that is possibly missing is a read on the yardage the player hits each shot with each club, this would make SwingTalk close to the ideal swing feedback analyser. The feature of being able to save and replay your swings on the SwingTalk Cloud is also a very handy tool to look back on your good, bag and ugly golfing actions!

All in all I found the SwingTalk system very useful and hugely beneficial to me, the voice feedback part of the device and app makes for a seamless practice session in that you can continue to hit balls whilst getting feedback without having to check your smartphone or tablet after each swing! I would highly recommend getting one of these devices should you spend a lot of time on the range, it may also be very useful for PGA Professionals for long time students as well.

Okay, I’m back off to the range to try to get my clubhead speed and tempo where I want it to be……..with the help of SwingTalk!

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