Crazy Golf Hire Ireland

Most golfers are of the opinion that golf takes too long, from getting to the golf course to playing your round of golf and then having a bite to eat after 18 holes and heading home. Of course some people don’t mind spending a day out playing golf – keeps them out of the house! All that being said though, what if we could take an element of golf to you?? Let us introduce Crazy Golf Hire!

Crazy Golf5

Launched in September by Fergus Chawke of fame, Crazy Golf Hire has been going from strength to strength ever since – even appearing recently at the Bride of the Year Show at the RDS (I must chat to herself about having it at my wedding actually……..!). An appearance on Today FM with Dermot & Dave gave further exposure for the burgeoning Irish golf brand as well and even Francis Brennan has been seen trying out Crazy Golf! Team Building has become more and more popular these days and Crazy Golf Hire has definitely identified a gap in the market here bringing a very unique activity for your next workplace event.

Crazy Golf Hire3

Crazy Golf Hire’s brand new 9 hole portable crazy golf course is now available for private & corporate hire across the country. The course is made from high quality fibreglass with astro putting surfaces and features both low and high rise obstacles. What makes our course unique is that the 9 individual holes spell out the letters “ C R A Z Y G O L F ”. The Crazy Golf course comes complete with balls, clubs (4 sizes), scorecards, rules etc. As it is completely weatherproof it can be set up either inside or out. Each hole is 8’ X 4’ with playing sufaces varying between 12′ and 16’ due to the shapes of the holes. The total space required is approx 400 sq feet. (40’ X 10’ or 20’ X 20’ is ideal). Crazy Golf Hire are also fully insured for public liability and are VAT registered which is always good!

So get your Crazy Golf on with Crazy Golf Hire! Drop them an email or call 086-8100119 with any queries and sure you might as well like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter while you’re at it!!


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