Product Review – IJP Design

Getting ready for the start of the golf season you begin looking at your golf gear – clubs, balls, gloves and the like. Of course a golfing wardrobe upgrade is always considered as well! When an IJP Design outfit came in the post then a big part of this upgrade had started!

2016-03-11 10.51.21 HDR

In terms of what I was wearing courtesy of IJP Design (last time I sound like I’m on the red carpet at The Oscars I swear!), I was kitted out with their Classic Trousers, Raglan Golf Shirt in White, Winston Jumper in Thistle (a particular favourite of mine) and their Luxe Leather Belt with the Hero Buckle!

I like everything about the IJP Design golf attire, belts and accessories. It’s safe to say they were designed by a golfer and it definitely shows! I was an owner of some of the IJP Tartan pants already but was very much looking forward to whether their Golf Trousers range would be similar in terms of that quality. Their Classic Trousers are just that, classic and quality. They are ideal for golf, comfortable and breathable (especially under a pair of wet gear pants!). Their Raglan Golf Shirt is again very comfortable albeit sometimes a snugger fit for the huskier gentleman, of course that’s not the fault of Ian Poulter and his team!

2016-03-11 12.25.04

My personal favourite in this outfit is the Winston Jumper! It’s really comfortable, which seems to be a feature of the IJP gear and for winter or off-season golf it is superb as well. On a blustery day in March I was warm enough in just the Raglan Golf Shirt and my Winston Jumper without the need for an extra layer which definitely helps the golf swing too! I’m a big fan of leather golf belts and the Luxe Leather Belt is really cool, set off superbly with the Hero Buckle as well! I’ll be getting a few more belts and buckles from the IJP range very soon.

2016-03-11 14.49.07

I have got to say that I am a big fan of the IJP Design range, especially their new stuff. I’ll be checking it all out on their website and I suggest to you do too! You can shop for your own look and also browse the new IJP arrivals for the 2016 Golf season. Poults is also giving away some of his gear from the EurAsia Cup as well – enter the competition here.


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