Product Review – P2 Putter Grips

I was lucky enough to be part of the team that organised The Heritage Pro-Am 2016 in aid of The Ballesteros Foundation recently at The Heritage Golf Club. And even luckier to get the opportunity to try out one of the P2 Putter Grips over that weekend as well.

Leaf shot 1

The key feature of the P2 Grips is the patented off-centre shaft design. This design increases the effective lie angle of the putter, elevates the wrist position at address, and secures them in a position where their unwanted movements are restricted. By positioning the wrists in this higher position, the shaft of the putter now runs directly up the forearms of both arms and allows the putter to operate as an extension of the lead arm, as a result putts will be stroke closer to the sweetspot and will start closer to the intended starting line.

2016-06-05 13.38.31 HDR

This was definitely the case for me when I changed from my regular putter grip to the P2 Aware range. I found this to be particularly the case on longer putts when my distance control was good I would push or pull longer efforts, my new P2 grip definitely helped with this almost immediately and gave me a new confidence out on the course. I was able to get a few more long putts in on the day and keep those dreaded card-wrecking 3-putts to a minimum as well which was great!

So why would a P2 Grip suit you? P2’s testing with Quintic Consultancy has shown:
• Putts were struck closer to the sweetspot.
• Less twisting of the putter face open or closed at impact.
• Less hook or slice imparted on the golf ball.
• Putts start closer to the intended starting line.

That’s good enough for me anyway!

Check out the P2 Grip range to see what suits you best. P2 putter grips helps High Handicap Golfers as they often have a tendency to over rotate their lead wrist, instead of maintaining a square lead wrist through impact. The double flat sided design of the P2 putter grip, encourages both hands to be positioned squarely to the target making it more difficult to over rotate the wrist. As the off-centre shaft forces the wrists into a higher position, it limits the wrists range of motion which is crucial. P2 prevents the dreaded “wrist flick” at impact and encourages the lead wrist to continue working towards the target.

Proven To hit putts closer to the intendedstarting line

Low Handicap Golfers generally already know the outcome of a putt if they allow the putter face to close through impact. Often in an attempt to prevent the putter face from closing they will actually hold the putter face in an open position through impact. This means that the putt will likely miss to the right of the hole. This type of golfer when using the P2 putter grip, rotated the putter face more on approaching impact, leading to a more centred strike and a putt struck on line. The P2 Grip Team believe this improvement is again due to the grips flat sides and off-centre shaft design. With the lower hand positioned on the tapered section of the grip, it is encouraged to rotate the putter face to a square position at impact.

I’ve definitely got plenty of confidence in my new P2 Putter Grip and I think you will too. Don’t take my word for it of course, try them out for yourself and improve your putting!