Irish Biltong – the ideal snack for Golfers!

So, here is the scenario….you are just checking in for golf and there are the usual suspects looking up at you – Energy Bars, Fizzy Energy Drinks and all those lovely things that will give you plenty calories during your time on the golf course but generally won’t do you much good at all, not always the best thing for your golf game or your health. That is where Irish Biltong comes in!


Irish Biltong is a 100% Irish Gourmet Beef Snack and has recently been awarded a Great Taste 2016 Award as well. It is high in protein, low in fat and ready to eat so it is an ideal on-course snack with you’re out playing golf. According to Dr Catherine Norton of Munster Rugby, “A 30 g serving of lean protein, such as Irish Biltong, will provide 21 g of quality protein in approx. 80 kcal. It’s an Irish product, tastes great and the players here at Munster Rugby can’t get enough of it“. That’s good enough for me anyway!


The Founders of Irish Biltong, John and Noreen Doyle, both come from farming backgrounds and John has been in the meat industry for over 25 years. Their family history and experience in agricultural processes, along with rearing Irish grass fed cattle on their own farm, allows the Doyles to give people that essential ingredient of trust that every customer needs. From dry aging the beef, to hand curing, air drying, tender hooking and hand cutting the Irish Biltong, the product is produced with the greatest of pride with the oldest of traditional techniques known in the industry.

Give Irish Biltong a try the next time you’re looking for that golf snack on the go! They were a Tournament Partner of The Social Media Links Challenge this year and the golfers were raving about the product!! You can check out their Website for further details, check them out on their Facebook Page or give them a follow on Twitter.


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