Look Awesome courtesy of Royal & Awesome!

If you want to stand out on the golf course and look, well, awesome then look no further than Royal & Awesome!! Their own motto is “For the Pars and the Bars” and I can see what they mean when looking through their product range. You will be noticed wearing this gear, just make sure your golf will be as awesome as their pants. They also do Shorts, Plus-2s and Polos for Men while providing Trousers, Shorts, Polos and Skorts for the Ladies.


Royal & Awesome have great looking flat caps, but with the Royal & Awesome twist……..you might not see these at the winning post at Cheltenham but who knows these days!! Other accessories include golf belts and socks as well, because if you have ordered the Plus-2s then you’ll need the socks to go with them. Their range of pants includes such awesomeness as the Plaid Awesome Tartan, Well Plaid Tartan, Pink Ticket, Old Tom’s Trews, King of Diamonds, Knicker Blocker Glory, Wahine Magnet, Hawaii Five Oh!, Zebra to Ze-Bar & Ka-Boom. All the Flat Cats also come in the same style so you can co-ordinate awesomely!


From the Home of Golf in Scotland, Royal & Awesome strives to bring the modern golfer the colours and patterns that eluded the founders of the game such as Old Tom Morris. If these pants, shorts, plus-2s or flat caps are your golfing style, a way of standing out on your next group golf trip or how you envisage annoying the father-in-law next time ye meet on the course then make sure you look awesome next time you tee it up by wearing Royal & Awesome!!

Check out the full range of Royal & Awesome gear on their website, http://www.royalandawesome.co.uk/, or follow them on Twitter @RoyalAwesome and like them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/royalandawesome, for all the latest awesome golf apparel news.